Policy Limit

When a person injures you as a result of their careless or inattentive conduct, the law makes them responsible for any harm directly caused onto you since all people have a duty to exercise ordinary care to avoid causing injury to others. More

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Dog Bites & Breed Exclusions

The number of dog bite cases reported throughout the country is continuing to rise at a dramatic pace, and is increasing at an even greater pace in states such as California where strict liability is placed on dog owners for bites. More

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Pedestrian Hit by a Car

Anytime we hear of a pedestrian being hit by a moving automobile, our hearts momentarily stop as car accidents involving pedestrians can frequently be deadly, especially if the collision happened at a high rate of speed. More

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The Eggshell Plaintiff

If you have a preexisting condition that makes you more susceptible to injury than the average person, you are still entitled to be fully compensated for injuries despite that you would not have been so severely injured was it not for your preexisting condition. More

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If It Hurts, Tell Your Doctor

Personal injury law allows an injured accident victim to recover various forms of compensation, including financial damages for the pain and discomfort.  This type of monetary relief is referred to as pain and suffering damages. More

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Prop 213: Uninsured, or DUI?

If you were uninsured at the time of a car accident, California law severely limits the amount and types of monetary relief available to you, even if the other driver was totally at fault for the collision that caused your injuries. More

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Cell Phones and Car Accidents

It is indisputable that cell phone usage while driving causes a driver to be less attentive to the road than if they were not using a cell phone.  Because cellular telephone usage makes a driver less attentive, it increases the likelihood of an accident. More

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What To Do After a Dog Bite

A dog bite is a frightening event that causes severe physical and emotional scarring for both the victim and their family.  Dog bites should be taken very seriously.  If not properly treated, a dog bite can pose a serious threat to your health and your life. More

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Injured on Someone Else’s Property?

If you have been injured while you were on someone else's property, there are important steps that you need to take in order to fully protect your legal rights and interests under California personal injury law. More

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After a Car Accident

After a car accident, there are several important steps that you should immediately take in order to protect yourself and your family.  As soon as possible, preferably immediately, you will also need to talk to an experienced auto accident attorney who can preserve your legal rights. More

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Medical Records in Med Mal Case

When you retain your personal injury attorney, one of the first things he or she will do is obtain your medical records from any hospitals or other health care providers in order to start building a strong case against the careless or negligence persons who caused your injuries. More

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Med Pay Coverage

The term “med pay” refers to medical payment coverage, an optional insurance coverage that is offered as a part of your auto insurance policy.  There are different types of coverage, called primary and secondary, and not everybody purchases it, but for those who do it can have important benefits. More

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Gap Insurance

After a car accident or truck crash, your first priority should always be to focus on your medical needs and make sure you are receiving necessary and appropriate medical attention.  Your attorney will protect your rights, including obtaining payment for the repair or replacement of your vehicle. More

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I Can’t Afford a Doctor

If you were in an accident and cannot afford a doctor, your San Diego injury lawyer can refer you to the finest medical doctors who are willing to treat you now and have their medical bills paid later. More

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Car or Truck Totaled

Just how or when an insurance company determines that your vehicle is a total loss is determined first and foremost by the cost of repairs.  As any personal injury lawyer will know first hand, an insurance carrier wants to pay the least amount possible on a claim. More

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At-Fault vs Not At-Fault

When an accident occurs, the parties’ lawyers must determine and prove who was at fault or what the relative percentages of fault of the parties are.  The rights and remedies of the injured victim will depend upon whether or not he or she was at fault in the accident. More

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Will My Medical Bills Get Paid?

As an accident victim who has been injured because of another’s negligence, the number one goal of your San Diego injury lawyer will be to ensure that are receiving the proper treatment you need and that your medical bills are paid. More

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Injury Law Group Blog

Welcome to the Injury Law Group blog, where you will find attorney commentary on important legal issues legal issues of concern that are commonly expressed by injured accident victims and people in our community. More

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