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Unfortunately, people who don’t ride (including lawyers) are unusually quick to judge and jump to the mistaken conclusion that it’s always the rider’s fault because they are by nature reckless individuals.  This is largely attributable to our society’s misconceptions about motorcyclists. But as any rider certainly knows, most collisions are caused by drivers.  In fact, we as motorcyclists have gone to extraordinary lengths to avoid any type of accident since even a low-speed impact with a vehicle could be fatal or lead to serious bodily injuries. People who have not been on a street bike will never understand this mind set.  They misguidedly believe that if you are “crazy” to ride a motorcycle so you must not be a careful person. You cannot expect them to understand intuitively. They have not seen first-hand what we see on a daily basis.  Put them on a bike for one day and they would see how cars are constantly cutting us off, pulling out in front of us, and violating our right of way.  Then they would show a complete 180 degree shift in their thinking. This is our job as your motorcycle lawyer and what truly sets us apart from other personal injury attorneys.  We have the ability to make non-riders see things from our (the rider’s) perspective so that they can understand what goes on out on the road and realize that motorcyclists are the ones encountering right of way violations on a constant basis.

Drivers Don’t See Motorcycle Riders

Our motorcycle lawyer is an avid rider and is keenly aware of the issues confronted by motorcyclists. As he points out, “drivers just don’t see us; they cut us off all the time. Yet when there is a crash, we as riders are the first to be blamed.” The truth is: one of the most frequent causes of a collision between a vehicle and a motorcycle is the driver not having seen the rider.  In fact, when questioned by our lawyers, many riders admit that they never say the rider. Only a lawyer who is a motorcyclist will understand these unique issues faced by riders and be able to effectively represent you.  We ride.  We know how to win. We’ve recovered millions of dollars for our clients. Our aggressive, award-winning motorcycle accident lawyer will fight to protect your rights as a rider and obtain the maximum compensation that you deserve.

We Stand Behind Motorcyclists

You have an uphill battle to convince everybody, including lawyers, that you had the right of way, which any biker knows that you probably did.  Our motorcycle lawyer is a rider.  As a fellow motorcyclist and one who has been in a motorcycle accident, he can relate to you.  He knows the dangers we face as motorcyclists and the careless drivers we must constantly swerve to avoid.  He understands you, fully believes in your case, and is totally invested in your legal matter.  We treat you as family.  We stand behind motorcyclists and ensure they receive justice.

Medical Care

The most important thing to us is your health. The first thing your motorcycle lawyer will do is to make sure you are receiving proper medical care.  Your lawyer will also secure payment for your hospital and doctor bills.   You have enough to deal with on the road to physical recovery; we don’t want you to have to deal with the added pressure of financial stress.  With an expert motorcycle lawyer protecting your legal rights and aggressively fighting to recover compensation for your injuries and loss of earning capacity, you can focus all of your energy on recuperating.

How a Motorcycle Lawyer Will Protect Your Rights

There are many important legal steps that must be taken to protect your important legal rights.  Your lawyer will investigate the scene where the collision occurred.  Your lawyer will interview witnesses and obtain their statements as soon as possible.  As the days and weeks pass, memories will fade and critical information that could help you prove your position will disappear.  If there was video surveillance from a nearby store, your lawyer will obtain the video immediately because most businesses overwrite video footage every couple of weeks. There are many other things that must be done during the days after an accident in order to protect your rights.

Interviewing Eye Witnesses

It is unfortunate, but very real, that many people have the misguided and biased mentality that bikers are always heedless and must have caused any collision with a vehicle.  Ordinary people driving a car see a motorcyclist lane splitting and assume that the biker must be reckless since it would certainly be reckless if they did the same thing with their car.  They didn’t study and take the test to get their M1 license.  They are unfamiliar with the rules of the road applicable to riders.  They don’t understand the sheer amount of available space between vehicles for a bike to split lanes and safely pass between two cars.  Therefore, eye witnesses are frequently biased against riders, and subconsciously will recount the details of a collision between a car and street bike in such a way that places the blame on the biker.  Police officers, unless they are motorcyclists, fall victim to the same line of erroneous thinking exhibited by eye witnesses.  Our motorcycle lawyer will be able to spot such biased witnesses statements and officer statements in police reports and immediately begin taking appropriate steps to address these inaccuracies. If a report appears to be unfairly biased against a rider, our motorcycle accident lawyer has the knowledge and knowhow to interview witnesses while the events of the accident are still fresh in their minds and obtain statements that will be key pieces of evidence for proving your case.  Prompt interviews conducted by an attorney, and the key witness statements that can be obtained therefrom, are often critical both for presenting your legal demand to an insurance company and for proving your case in a Court of Law.

Injured Rider Program

Under our Injured Rider Program, our motorcycle lawyer will handle your bike damage claim as a courtesy when handling your personal injury claim. As an injured rider, we don’t charge for handling your motorcycle damage claim. We’ll get your bike fixed or replaced, including an accounting for any aftermarket parts, simply as an added benefit to you as a valued client of our firm. It’s just one more way that we help fellow riders and it lets you direct your attention to physical recovery and rehabilitation.

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Contact Injury Law Group now for help and speak to a motorcycle attorney who is also a rider and who truly understands and believes in you.  We are dedicated motorcycle lawyers who fight for the rights of bikers, and there is no fee until we recover money for you.  We’ll make sure that you receive the medical treatment you need and the financial compensation you are entitled to under the law.  Let an aggressive motorcycle lawyer protect your legal rights, while you focus on recovering from your injuries. Call now and speak directly to your motorcycle attorney.