Demand Package

At some point, hopefully your medical treatment will be completed and you will not have any serious issues that require ongoing treatment or surgery.   While you were completing your treatment, your personal injury lawyer will be performing an investigation of the facts and circumstances surrounding your case, obtaining pertinent records, and building up a strong case to obtain justice and just compensation for your injuries.

When Your Personal Injury Lawyer Submits a Demand Package

After you have completed all of your medical treatment, your injury lawyer at Injury Law Group will prepare and submit a formal demand package to start the negotiation process to obtain compensation for your injuries.  Your personal injury lawyer knows that the demand process is heavily fact-driven and labor intensive; the more thorough and convincing your written demand, the better the results you can expect to obtain.  The demand process is a critical part of the personal injury claim process and requires the skill and experience of an expert personal injury attorney.

Gathering Evidence

First, your attorney will gather all of your doctor’s reports, medical reports, medical bills, documentation regarding your lost wages and other financial damages, police reports, photographs, video recordings, and any other documents and evidence supporting your personal injury claim.

Prepare and Submit Demand

Your attorney will then prepare and submit a demand package to the insurance company representing the person who caused your injuries.  The written demand will tell your story by describing your injuries and treatment, presenting the medical evidence detailing your injuries, explaining how your life had been affected and how your life may continue to be affected, and provide all of the documentation that has been meticulously assembled in support of your case.  The demand will then make a demand for payment of all of your medical bills and a monetary demand for compensation for your pain and suffering, lost wages, future loss of earning capacity, and any other economic or noneconomic losses you have sustained.

Strong Demand for Best Result

A strong demand that methodically and persuasively lays out your case and explains how your life has been adversely affected by the negligence or carelessness of another person, can lead to a favorable settlement of your case, even without having to file a lawsuit.  In the event that the demand does not result in a favorable settlement, or the insurance company for the person who injured you is not willing to pay you a fair sum of money, then your injury attorney will file a lawsuit in court and take your case to trial.   Above all, you always have to be ready and prepared to go to trial.  As any good personal injury attorney will tell you, “never settle for any less than what your claim is worth!”