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As a pedestrian you are in danger when you are walking across the street.  Even on a sidewalk, if a vehicle veers over a curb you can be seriously injured or killed.  Pedestrians often have the right of way but that is not always the case.  In any event, drivers should take extraordinary precautions to avoid colliding with pedestrians regardless of who has the right of way since colliding with a pedestrian can result in catastrophic injury or death.  If you or a family member has been hit by a car while crossing the street or walking on a pedestrian sidewalk, you have important legal rights.  Your attorney needs to secure the testimony of key witnesses and gather physical evidence and witness statements in order to prove your case. Evidence dissipates with time. Physical evidence withers. Witnesses memories evanesce.  Time is of the essence. Our expert pedestrian injury lawyer specializes in vehicle-related cases and has collected millions of dollars in compensation for injured victims in all types of vehicle accident cases including pedestrian struck by automobiles.  Let our aggressive pedestrian injury attorney fight for justice while you concentrate on family and your physical rehabilitation.

Drivers Should Take Extraordinary Precaution to Avoid Pedestrians

After an accident involving an automobile and pedestrian, the legal question of right of way is always brought up.  Defense lawyers will argue that the driver had the right of way and should not bear any responsibility.  It is up to your pedestrian accident lawyer to prove that you had the right of way, hence the driver is responsible for the harm he or she caused you.  But what is equally important is that regardless of right of way the driver should have taken precautions to avoid colliding into you.  As a pedestrian, you are vulnerable and drivers should look out for you.  It is akin to seeing children playing in the street.  You slow down for their protection even though from a purely technical perspective you have the right of way.  The same principle should apply to drivers.  It is up to your attorney to argue this to a jury, so a jury can make a determination that the driver bears responsibility for the collision.  Had the driver been paying more attention, the accident would not have occurred.

Evidence Dissipates With Time

It is a simple fact and reality of personal injury cases that evidence tends to disappear with time.  The physical evidence regarding the collision withers away, literally.  Marks on the asphalt disappear.  Blood stains on the sidewalk are washed away with rain or sprinklers.  The same is true of witness memories.  Their recollection of the accident evanesces as the days go by.  Time is always the enemy in personal injury cases.  That’s why you need an expert pedestrian accident attorney who specializes in pedestrian injury cases and can secure the necessary evidence while it is still fresh.

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