Lien Basis Medical Treatment

Not everyone can afford a doctor and not everyone had medical insurance.  Fortunately, in California personal injury cases, it does not matter whether you have medical insurance or can afford a doctor.  Injured victims in California usually have the option of being treated on a lien basis.  To be treated on a lien basis means that your doctor will not require you to have medical insurance or to pay up front or at the time of treatment.  Instead, your doctor or other medical provider will treat you now and wait to be paid after your personal injury case is completed.  In exchange, you will grant the doctor a lien against your recovery in your personal injury case, as a form of security for the doctor so that he or she is assured that they will be paid out of any financial recovery in your case.

Lien basis medical treatment does not have any adverse consequences on your case, since your medical bills will be paid by the person who was at fault in causing your injuries, or their insurance carrier.  This works much the same way as if you had insurance and received treatment through your own health insurance plan.  In such a case, the person who was at fault in injuring you would be required to pay for your medical bills incurred through your own health insurance plan.

If this is your first time hearing about medical treatment on a lien basis, you may wonder if doctors who treat on a lien basis are as good as doctors who don’t treat on a lien basis.  Some of the best, most highly qualified, and exceptionally reputable doctors in California treat patients on a lien basis.  As with the entire universe of doctors as a whole, there are some doctors who are better than others.  Your personal injury attorney will be able to refer you to the most reputable doctors who perform services on a lien basis, to ensure you receive the best possible medical treatment.

Doctors who perform services on a lien basis make it possible for all people to receive the best medical treatment possible even if they do not have medical insurance or cannot afford to pay for a doctor to treat them.  When a doctors is willing to treat you now and be paid later, it can show that they place your health and treating you before money.  Their willingness to perform medical services now and wait for payment after you win your case reflects a decision they have made as to how to conduct their practice and is an outstanding quality that makes them stand out from others in their profession.  It may even suggest that the doctor is more compassionate and more focused on helping you, as opposed to how much he can make by treating you. 

At Injury Law Group, we have a network of doctors and health care providers providing medical treatment on a lien basis that have exceptionally satisfied clients.  Many of our clients who have been treated on a lien basis by a doctor we have referred, praise the doctor for outstanding diagnosis and treatment of their injuries.