Medical Treatment

The most important thing in a personal injury matter is for you need to promptly receive the best medical treatment, and from a doctor or specialist that you feel comfortable being treated by.  Treatment is important both from a standpoint of recovering as quickly and fully as possible, and from a standpoint of documenting your injuries.  Your doctor’s diagnosis and the medical treatment that you receive will be a critical component in determining the amount of compensation you will receive in your personal injury matter.

Medical Treatment in a Personal Injury Case in California

If you are happy with your current doctor who is treating you, then you can just continue to be treated by your doctor.  If you are unhappy with your current doctor, you can go to a different doctor or your attorney can help you find a good doctor or physician who has a reputation for having many satisfied patients.  If you can’t afford a doctor, your injury lawyer can give you the names of some good doctors who can treat you on a lien basis (discussed below).  Whether you would like to change your existing doctor or you don’t have a doctor and need one, fortunately in California personal injury cases, you have options.

Satisfied With Your Current Doctor

If you are satisfied with your current doctor then the best advice that a personal injury attorney can give you is to keep on being treated by the same doctor.  Going to your own doctor will not have any negative effect on the outcome of your accident matter.  If you need to see a specialist to be examined as part of proving your injuries that you have sustained, your attorney will let you know and discuss this with you.

Dissatisfied With Your Current Doctor

If you are dissatisfied with your own doctor, you can simply go to another doctor, or a personal injury attorney can help you in finding an excellent doctor whose medical practice offers services on a lien basis.  Check with your attorney before changing doctors, as changing doctors too often could have an impact on your legal matter.

Lien Basis Treatment

Doctors who treat patients on a lien basis provide you with medical treatment immediately and agree to be paid later, after you win your personal injury case, from the financial proceeds of your case.  Rest assured, of the finest doctors in California perform medical treatment on a lien basis and your lawyer at Injury Law Group can recommend a doctor if you need one.  We have the unique perspective of client feedback and know which doctors to recommend.

Length of Treatment

The length of your treatment can have a big impact on the amount of pain an suffering damages that you can recover.  As a general rule, under California personal injury law, the longer the duration of your treatment, the more pain and suffering you are likely to have experienced.

Gaps  In Treatment

Be aware of the potentially negative effect that gaps in treatment may have on your personal injury case.  In addition to the possible worsening of your condition that could occur from gaps in treatment, the other issue posed by gaps in treatment is that it could make it appear that you are not experiencing a lot of pain and suffering. This could affect the amount of pain and suffering damages that you may be entitled to receive in your personal injury case.