Expert Personal Injury Attorneys Who Protect You

The experienced personal injury attorneys at Injury Law Group are aggressive, skilled, and absolutely dedicated to representing you.  We always make sure that your legal rights are fully protected.  This means making sure that you receive the proper medical treatment that you need, making sure that your medical bills are paid for, making sure your vehicle or other property is repaired or replaced in a timely manner, obtaining the maximum financial compensation for your injuries or loss, and being there for you when you have questions or just need to talk to your attorney. Our expert personal injury lawyers are highly skilled and we pride ourselves on being very approachable and available to speak with our clients, so you should never hesitate to give us a call and ask to talk to your attorney.

Medical Care

Our immediate goal is to make sure that you are currently receiving the medical care that you need, and thereafter to ensure that you are able to continue to receive the medical treatment that you need until you have reached the point of maximum medical improvement.  We will simultaneously be taking all appropriate measures to secure payment for your medical bills so that you won’t have to worry about how your doctor bills will be paid for down the road.

Repairs to Vehicle or Other Property

If your car, truck or property has been damaged, we work fast and diligently to obtain payment for needed repairs, or payment for the replacement value of your vehicle.  If you do not have a rental vehicle or your insurance policy does not provide rental coverage, we can even provide you with a rental car and obtain payment from the insurance company for the person who caused the accident.  In appropriate cases, we can provide you with a rental car on a lien basis, meaning that the rental car company will be paid out of the financial recovery that we obtain for you.

Maximum Financial Compensation

Once we have secured payment for your medical treatment, and obtained payment for needed repairs to your vehicle, we turn our efforts to obtaining the maximum financial compensation possible for your injuries or your loss.  We are aggressive and fight hard against insurance companies, who are notorious for wrongfully denying claims or attempting to pay you less than the amount that you should rightfully be entitled to.

Free Attorney Consultation

Call us today and speak directly to an experienced personal injury attorney who will fully protect your legal rights so that you and your family can focus on recovery.