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Gathering Evidence

With the time-sensitive evidence secured, the focus of your attorney’s investigation will shift to gathering all of the evidence that will support your case and help you win your personal injury claim.  Evidence such as police reports and hospital records are generally preserved by the organization or agency in possession of those records and are not at risk of disappearing with time.  These requests usually are made in writing through appropriate legal channels as they become available from the entities in control and possession of the records.

Gathering Evidence By Your Lawyer In Your Personal Injury Case

There are certain types of evidence that your lawyer will obtain as a matter of course in your personal injury case, and other types of evidence that will be obtained on a case-by-case basis.  Almost without exception, your injury lawyer will obtain copies of police reports, hospital records, doctor’s reports, and physical therapy records.  Where other important evidence exists, such as an accident report by a business establishment or a video recording of security surveillance, your attorney will obtain copies of these records in order to help prove your case.

Police Reports

In car accident cases involving injury, and many other types of accidents causing injury, the police will almost always come out to the scene of the accident and investigate the incident.  When they do, the police officers will prepare a written traffic collision report.  Such a police report is a very important part of your legal case as the contents of the report will typically contain important information or statements by witnesses that may have a strong bearing on the outcome your claim.

Doctors Reports and Hospital Records

If you went to the hospital or were seen by a doctor, the hospital or the doctor will have detailed notes and records regarding your injuries.   Doctor reports and hospital records will contain a detailed medical description of your injuries and may even contain information about the incident that caused your injuries and how it occurred.  Statements you made at the time you went to the hospital or met with your doctor may also be reflected in these records.  Doctor reports and hospital records will usually carry great weight in determining the severity and extent of your injuries, and hence the amount of monetary compensation that would appropriate in your case.

Physical Therapy Records

Often, a visit to the doctor or the hospital will be followed by a recommended plan of treatment that involves physical therapy.  If your prescribed medical treatment involves going to physical therapy sessions, your attorney will provide notice to your physical therapy provider to send physical therapy records to your attorney.   These records show how much pain and discomfort you have endured as a result of your injuries, and are strong evidence of the amount of pain and suffering that you have experienced.  Combined with medical records, physical therapy records will help determine the amount of compensation to be awarded in your case.

Injury at a Business Establishment

If  you were injured at a store, restaurant, hotel, or other business establishment, there are some important types of evidence that your lawyer will usually collect.  Typically, the business will prepare a written report documenting the incident.  The report may contain witness statements, and it may describe what was seen on video footage.  In addition, your lawyer may request the safety inspection reports kept by the business during the relevant time frame.  In many cases, and particularly in slip and fall cases, safety inspection reports can show two important things: (1) whether the business maintained a regular safety inspection procedure and hence whether or not the business owner was negligent; and (2) whether the safety inspections, if conducted, were conducted often enough to make the establishment safe for the public.  

Ryan F. - San Diego, CA.
Ryan F.
San Diego, CA.

"From our first meeting, it was clear to me that Mark was concerned about my health and well being. He recommended an excellent doctor who diagnosed my injury and helped me recover. ...When my case was settled, still the focus wasn't on the money but rather on me and how I was coping with my injury. I would without hesitation recommend Mark to my friends and family to be their lawyer."

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Joann B. - San Diego, CA.
Joann B.
San Diego, CA.

"I was in a car accident and the insurance company was offering me a very small settlement for my injury. My daughter recommended that I call Mark. He and the Injury Law Group handled my claim very successfully and as quickly as possible. The professionalism of the attorneys and staff was beyond my expectations. ...The insurance company had to pay over three times what they had offered to pay me before I hired Mark and his firm."

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