Neck Injury Attorney

Trauma to the neck is a serious health issue and depending on the severity can be devastating and life altering.  Your prognosis for recovery is largely dependent upon receiving the best medical treatment, as well as proper physical rehabilitation recommended by your physician.  But without a source for payment of doctor and physical therapy bills, you may not be able to receive the medical treatment that you need.  At Injury Law Group, our first and foremost goal it to ensure that your medical bills are being paid for, so that you receive needed treatment and have the best chance to fully recover.  While you are receiving medical treatment and working toward recovery, we will be fighting hard for you to protect your legal rights and obtain the maximum monetary compensation for your injuries. Typically, that includes payment of medical bills, and financial compensation for the pain and suffering you are experiencing, as well as lost wages for the time that you are unable to work and any future loss of earning capacity.

How a San Diego Neck Injury Attorney Will Protect You

Protecting your legal rights begins from day one.  Your San Diego neck injury attorney will immediately assess your situation both from a medical standpoint and from a legal standpoint.  From a medical standpoint, your neck injury lawyer will be concerned with making sure that you have access to the medical treatment that you need, so that you can be treated without delay in the hand of trusted doctors.  From a legal standpoint, there are many steps that your attorney will take to ensure that your rights are protected.  These steps include: promptly and timely filing appropriate claims with government agencies, submitting timely claims with insurance companies, filing appropriate complaints in court, and otherwise preserving all of your rights.  Your attorneys will also be aggressively fighting to obtain the maximum compensation possible under California law.

Neck Fracture

A neck fracture refers to when you break one of the bones in your cervical vertebrae in your vertebrae column. Vertebrae are small bony structures that are stacked on each other and form the spine and vertebrae column.  The cervical vertebrae are the seven top vertebrae, which are in the neck area and support the head.  A neck fracture is a serious matter and requires immediate medical treatment, often followed by a long recovery process.  You and your family will need to put all of your efforts into rehabilitation.  Your neck injury attorney will fight for you and protect your rights, so that you can put your focus where your family needs it most.

Pinched Nerve

A pinched nerve in the neck area can be painful and debilitating.  Sometimes, a pinched nerve will heal with rest and relaxation.  But often, a pinched nerved can be a permanent condition that requires regular therapy and can severely limit the activities you are used to performing on a daily basis.  In such serious pinched nerve cases resulting from an accident caused by the neglect of another, a San Diego neck injury lawyer can help you obtain payment of your medical bills, payment for past, present, and future rehabilitation expenses, financial compensation for your pain and suffering, and lost wages for any time that you are unable to work.

Free Consultation

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