Bicycle Lawyer

When cyclists and vehicles abide by the rules of the road, the two can coexist in a safe manner without incident.  But when a careless driver disregards the roadway signs and drives in a protected bike lane, or is inattentive to a cyclist’s right of way and cuts off the cyclist, the consequences can be catastrophic.  When two cars collide, frequently both drivers can walk away from the crash.  But when a vehicle collides with a bicycle, the cyclist will usually suffer much more serious injuries than if he or she had been in the enclosed cabin of a vehicle.  If you or a loved one has been injured in a cycling accident and is looking for a San Diego bicycle accident lawyer, we can help you.

Cause of the Accident

The number one cause of bike accidents is a driver failing to see the bicyclist.  For this reason, bicycle accidents are more likely to occur in the early morning or evening when vision is decreased or is obstructed by the sun or diminishing daylight.  Even with bicycle reflectors, many drivers claim they never saw a bicycle until the moment before the collision. Another common cause of a bike accident is a drunk driver.  Driving under the influence of alcohol is a huge problem in our society and leads to many deaths and serious injuries.  A driver of a vehicle who is intoxicated is much more likely not to see a cyclist then if he or she had not been drinking. Other common causes of bicycle accidents include situations where a driver of a car makes an unsafe left-hand or right-hand turn clipping a cyclist, sideswiping a cyclist, colliding with the rear of a cyclist, or when a vehicle suddenly changes lanes in front of a cyclists.

Bicycle Helmet Law

California has a bike helmet law providing that anyone under the age of 18 riding a bicycle must wear an approved, properly fitted bicycle helmet. Whether you or your family member who is injured in a bicycle accident was wearing a helmet does not bear on who is legally responsible for causing the accident, but depending on the facts of your case it could bear on the amount of compensation you can recover from the driver.

Injured Cyclist Program

The Injured Cyclist Program was created to help cyclists who are injured in an accident. Under the program, your bike lawyer at Injury Law Group will handle your bike damage claim as a courtesy, free of charge, when handling your injury case, and we work tirelessly to get the maximum compensation for your bike. We itemize and document all of the customizations and accessories installed on your bike to ensure you are paid for a proper replacement bike. It’s a way for us to help cyclists get back to what we love doing and for us to give back to our cycling community.

Talk to an Attorney

Call us now at Injury Law Group and talk to a bike lawyer San Diego.  We are experienced California bicycle accident attorneys.  We’ll help you obtain medical treatment for your injuries, and we’ll fight for your right to financial compensation, while you and your family focus on recovery.  Call now and speak to a bicycle attorney.