Will My Medical Bills Get Paid?

As an accident victim who has been injured because of another’s negligence, the number one goal of your San Diego injury lawyer will be to ensure that are receiving the proper treatment you need and that your medical bills are paid. Once you are receiving treatment and working on your recovery, your injury lawyers will then focus on obtaining full payment of your medical bills and holding the persons who caused your injuries accountable for the maximum financial compensation available under personal injury law.


The amount of your medical bills is a significant factor in any personal injury case. The higher the dollar amount of the total bills, the more resistance an insurance company may be to paying the full amount of the bills. In such cases, it will be critical to retain an expert personal injury lawyer who knows how insurance company’s work and will be able to give you the best chance to get all of your bills paid.


Another important aspect of medical bills in a personal injury case is the relation of treatment billing statements to the extent and severity of your injury. Generally, the larger the total amount of the bills for treatment you have received, the more severe your injury would be expected to be viewed by an insurance company, or judge or jury, when you are seeking compensation for your pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of future earning capacity, and other financial damages. For this reason, serious injury cases, such as brain injury cases, can encounter the greatest amount of resistance from insurance companies and culpable parties and require the most dedicated San Diego brain injury lawyer in order to obtain a successful result.


So when your medical bills are substantial, an insurance company could have two motivations for refusing to pay the full amount of the bills. First, acknowledging and paying all of the bills could be tantamount to acknowledgment that you injury is very severe. Second, acknowledging and paying all of the bills requires a significant capital expenditure (payment of money) by the insurance company.


A San Diego injury lawyer at Injury Law Group will know when an insurance company is acting in bad faith and denying your medical bills and will be able to file a lawsuit forcing the insurance company to act in good faith and pay all of the bills incurred in connection with reasonable and necessary treatment that you have received. In many cases, the mere threat of such legal action is often sufficient to persuade most insurance companies to act in good faith and pay your treatment bills that were necessitated as a result of the negligence of their insurer and without needing to resort to legal action.