I Can’t Afford a Doctor

If you were in an accident and cannot afford a doctor, your San Diego injury lawyer can refer you to the finest medical doctors who are willing to treat you now and have their medical bills paid later.  Many people who are injured in an accident do not have medical insurance.  But not having insurance is no reason not get treated by the best medical professionals.  There are many medical doctors who are willing to treat you on what is called a “lien basis.”  This means that they will treat you now and get paid out of any recovery that you obtain in your personal injury case.  To protect their right to be paid for their services, these doctors will require you to give them a lien on your personal injury claim.  Once your personal injury lawyer wins your case, the medical bills will be paid from your recovery.


Many of the best doctor’s in California will provide medical treatment on lien basis.  If you or a loved one has suffered a serious head injury or brain trauma, your brain injury lawyer can send you to a neurologist (a brain doctor) who can treat you on a lien basis.  If you have suffered a neck injury, your neck injury attorney can send you to a chiropractor or neurologist who can treat you now and wait to get paid when you win your case. These neurologists and chiropractors who perform services on a lien basis are good doctors that care about helping people.  Because they care about helping people, they will treat you now and have their medical bills paid later from your recovery.


Now doctors who perform services on a lien basis usually will not work on a contingency basis, meaning that if you don’t win your case they don’t get paid.  This is in contrast to your personal injury attorney, who will work on a contingency fee basis, such that your attorney will be paid only if you win.  With medical bills, your doctor will require you to agree to pay the medical bills regardless of the outcome of your case.   Still, if you don’t have medical insurance, this is a much better scenario that if your doctor required payment of your medical bills at the time of treatment