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Welcome to the Injury Law Group blog, where you will find attorney commentary on important legal issues legal issues of concern that are commonly expressed by injured accident victims and people in our community.  To quickly find blogs on topics that are of the greatest interest to you, just type in a search term in the Search box to the right, or use the blog menus below the search box.

San Diego Injury Law Blog

The Injury Law Group blog features commentary, by an experienced California injury attorney, on important and interesting issues in personal injury law that are encountered by our clients during the accident claim process.  Whether you have been in a car accident, been a victim of a dog bite attack, or been involved in any other type of accident caused by the carelessness or negligence of others, the claims process is generally the same and similar legal issues arise in all types of personal injury cases.  The aim of our blog is to provide a wealth of information and useful examples so that, hopefully, you may find answers to your specific issues or questions.  Of course, we also hope that you will enjoy reading our blog.


We find the inspiration for our various blog topics mainly from issues of concern expressed by our clients.  Many of our blog posts are written in the form of an answer to a question asked by our clients concerning personal injury law or how the claim process works.  Our goal is to anticipate the questions you may have and provide you with detailed and concise answers that will hopefully help you better understand the legal process. Our blog posts include many useful examples, often in the form of an attorney response to a specific client question, that can help you understand the relevant law and see how it works in a real world context.


The great majority of our blog topics are focused on San Diego injury law, though some of our blog posts will discuss issues involving the more broad category of general personal injury legal issues.  Where pertinent, reference will be made to San Diego law versus more general personal injury issues. In most cases, San Diego cases are governed exclusively by California law. In some cases, Federal law may also be applicable. If an accident occurred in another state, then the laws of that other state will likely apply.  This blog does not cover the laws of other states; it exclusively covers California law or Federal law where applicable.


If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident, you have questions about the legal process, or you have a suggestion for a blog topic to be addressed by an experienced lawyer, please contact our office.  Our experienced attorneys are here to help you and answer your questions.