Wounds can be very minor, such as a small tear requiring a couple of stitches, or a larger gash or laceration requiring multiple stitches or staples and leaving a permanent scar or causing permanent disfigurement.  A stabbing or knife attack may cause severe trauma that requires ongoing doctor visits and reconstructive surgery, leaving you with enormous medical bills.  If you have been stabbed or cut in a knife attack, or have been shot as the result of the careless or malicious actions of another person, an experienced attorney can help you obtain medical treatment, secure payment of your medical bills, and recover financial damages for your pain and suffering and any permanent disfigurement or other lasting effects.

Minor stabs or knife attacks may not cause extreme trauma require hospitalization or retaining an attorney to represent you in a civil case.  But if you have suffered more serious trauma, you may have gone to the hospital and required a large amount of stitches or staples and you may be suffering ongoing pain and discomfort and be unable to work for a period fo time.  In such cases, you absolutely will need representation by a lawyer in order to bring a civil claim. 

Many injured victims do not realize that they are entitled to have their medical bills paid as well as entitled to force the party who caused their injuries to pay for reconstructive surgery.  In addition, as a victim of a knife stabbing or gunshot wound, you may be entitled to substantial monetary compensation for the pain and suffering that you have endured as the result of your knife or gunshot wound.

Contact us today and speak to a stab wound lawyer San Diego.  Our dedicated attorneys will help you secure payment for your medical bills, including any needed reconstructive surgery.  Our attorneys are passionate about helping injured victims and will fight hard for your rights so that you can focus all of your efforts on making a strong physical recovery.  Call us today for help at 619-255-3900.

Please Note: We Do Not Handle Criminal Cases

We do not handle criminal cases.  Private attorneys and law firms cannot file criminal cases. Only the government, usually the District Attorney's office, has the power and authority to file criminal charges and cases against people. So if you are considering pursuing a criminal case, you must contact the District Attorney's office directly, not an attorney or law firm.