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Birth control pills have become very popular in the United States, largely because of the billions of dollars that pharmaceutical companies spend marking these drugs.  What the drug companies don’t always emphasis enough is the dangers of taking birth control pills.  This is especially the case with Yaz.  The birth control pill Yaz is linked to many cases of heart failure, liver failure, stroke, and in some cases women have died as a result of taking Yaz.  If you have suffered heart failure, liver failure, stroke, or any other serious health related issue while taking Yaz, our personal injury attorneys can help you.  We will hold the drug manufacturer, Bayer, accountable for your medical bills and obtain the maximum financial compensation available under the law for your health related injuries.  You may be entitled to substantial monetary compensation.

How a Yaz Lawyer Can Hold the Drug Company Bayer Accountable

The drug company Bayer and its partners and affiliates have engaged in expensive marketing campaigns aimed at convincing you that Yaz offers you many benefits, without adequately emphasizing the risks associated with taking this dangerous birth control pill.  In their greed fueled desire to make billions of dollars from innocent victims, Bayer and its affiliates heavily advertised that Yaz will not only preventing you from becoming pregnant, it will also help reduce acne and it will alleviate the symptoms of PMS.  This advertizing was also misleading, as Yaz has not been proven to reduce PMS symptoms.  What Bayer failed to adequately emphasize is that Yaz can and does lead to serious side effects and causes serious health problems, including: heart failure, liver failure, blood clot, stroke, and in some cases death.  A Yaz lawyer at our firm can help you hold Bayer accountable by proving that your health injuries were directly caused by the drug, by presenting clear evidence of the known dangers of the drug and directly linking this drug to cases of serious health problems and even death.

Why Yaz Is So Harmful

Birth control pills contain hormones, typically either estrogen or progestin, or a combination of both.  The hormones prevent the release of eggs from the ovaries, thus preventing the possibility of a woman becoming pregnant.   Some birth control pills, such as Yaz, have a type of progestin that has been know to cause blood clots, which can lead to heart failure.   The progestin in the drug has also been found to raises your blood potassium levels to dangerous levels, leading to many serious health issues.   In addition, Yaz has other dangerous hormones, which are harmful to your health and greatly increase your risk for serious health problems.

FDA Admonishes Bayer

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has previously admonished Bayer and requested that it stop is misleading advertising campaigns aimed at convincing women that Yaz and Yasmin have so many benefits, while not emphasizing the serious health risks.  An experienced personal injury attorney at Injury Law Group will be able to use such admonishments by the FDA to further bolster and support your claim against Bayer, helping you hold Bayer accountable for your injuries sustained as a result of taking Yaz or Yasmin.

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