Yasmin Attorney In San Diego

Oral contraceptives (birth control pills) have become very popular in the United States, largely because of the billions of dollars that pharmaceutical companies spend marking these drugs.  What the drug companies don’t always emphasis enough is the dangers of taking birth control pills.  Some oral contraceptives, such as Yasmin, have caused women to suffer a heart attack failure, stroke, liver failure, and even death.  If you or a loved one has suffered a heart attack, liver failure, or other health problem as a result of taking Yasmin, our personal injury attorneys can help you hold the drug manufacturer responsible for your medical bills and your physical injuries.

How a Yasmin Lawyer Will Hold the Drug Manufacturer Responsible

It is the position of our personal injury lawyers (and our position is supported by ample evidence) that the manufacturer of the oral contraceptive Yasmin engaged in unethical and misleading advertising and failed to adequately warn women of the serious dangers and health risks associated with taking the oral contraceptive Yasmin.  By failing to adequately warn women, and engaging in deceptive advertising, the drug manufacturer, Bayer, placed millions of women in harms way.  Many of these women suffered heart attack, stroke, liver disease, and even death.   By showing that Bayer engaged in deceptive advertising and concealed the dangers of taking Yasmin, an expert Yasmin Lawyer at our firm can bring your claim against the drug manufacturer, Bayer, holding the company responsible for your medical bills and your physical injuries.

Why Yasmin Is So Dangerous

Yasmin is manufactured with a certain type of progestin (one of the hormones used in oral contraceptives in order to prevent a woman’s ovaries from releasing eggs, thereby eliminating the possibility of an egg being fertilizing by sperm and preventing pregnancy) that is hazardous to a woman’s health.  The progestin used in Yasmin can cause a woman’s blood to clot and can cause a heart attack, stroke, and even death.  It also can raise the potassium levels in a woman’s blood to dangerously high levels, leading to other health problems. Yasmin also contains other hormones that are hazardous to a woman’s health.

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